Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Done with one project, on to another!

With the new school year starting, the boys are now busier than ever, which means I'm even busier! But, I've still had time to complete a few minor woodworking projects. And one of them was even on my to-do list!

This past weekend I finally finished the last piece of the bookshelves in our three/four season porch. This project is two years in the making. Let me explain.

When we moved into our current house there was a metal railing around the stairwell that leads to the garage in the porch. The railing was torn out and replaced with bookshelves. Most of the bookshelves actually came from our previous house (the topic of future post). However there was the need for two additional bookshelves to complete the replacement of the rail. One bookshelf was built immediately (as it prevented the kids from falling 7 feet to a concrete floor), and the other bookshelf build was deferred.

Well, I finally quit procrastinating and built the bookshelf. Here it is installed in all its glory.

Nerdy woodworking details: The bookshelf carcass is made from 3/4 inch oak plywood, joined with dowels. The face frame is solid oak, glued and brad nailed to the carcass. The finish is golden oak stain, and three coats of shellac.

Just thought I'd let you know I'm still making sawdust. The same day I installed the bookshelf, I went out and procured the lumber for my next project. Any guess on the final shape this lumber will take on?