Friday, February 14, 2014

The Start of Another Activity I Have No Time For

Blogging. Seems like that is the thing to do these days. Well, I'm not blogging here to make money, and I have no aspirations to be famous online. My real purpose is to document the things I've done in my shop, so that family and friends across the country/world can see what I've created. Of course, I may throw in a few other topics as well. No need to create more than one blog!

And so, the name of this post implies that this is yet another activity to add to the multitude of things on my list of things to do. Hopefully, I can do these postings quickly, so it is not a complete time sucking activity. But knowing me, I'll spend far too much time on it.

Anyways, for those who actually find this blog post, and the follow on posts, enjoy. If you feel inspired by what I write, let me know!

I have plenty of past projects that I can highlight and document, so that is probably where I will start. And I'll probably start at the beginning of my journey. Of course, that may go back too many years...

Till next time!